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Fires of Heaven is a World of warcraft guild on the alliance side of the Anachronos server. We're open to all levels and nationalities, and our goal is to be a nice community with a helpful smile towards all of our members. We aim to be a helpful guild
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 The FURTHER adventures of....

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PostSubject: The FURTHER adventures of....   Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:18 am

First of all... why if you post a BIG post does something only go wrong when ur nearly finished? seriously...sigh. Take TWO it is then...

Anyway, I'm opening a new thread so I won't flood one topic with bandwidthstealing pics and such, so say hi to the FURTHER adventures of Edi and Geo!

This ur first time here? Go read the previous one first, if not, hope you enjoy our next saga : Caverns of Time!

Ah yes, the lovely Tanaris houses the Caverns of Time. Edi is our tourguide here!

As we entered, someone pissed off the Dragon outside (wasn't me, I swear!) and as you can see he got chased by this moody Dragon as I am facing another one...

Whilst we continue down our path to the inner caverns...these beasts roam the halls...

I suppose even fashionista Nightelves get thirsty sometimes....picky too... Razz

Things get glowy...and also very eerie...

Ah yes! Our first epic view! Wait...aren't those?

Then we arrive in the heart of the Caverns! Behold the mighty Dragon God!

I guess even the Flugel guy plays World of Warcraft. Edi is AFK now because it was dinnertime, so Geo is gonna explore a bit on his own! Good idea? Probably not...

Interesting...time mechanism..yes...interesting...

Wait? Didn't I see that guy at Marshal's Refuge in Un'Goro? And what's with the attitude?!

Caverns of Time? AND SPACE it seems! What is HE doing here?!

This is getting ridiculous! ENOUGH with the guest stars already!

Sigh. A full tummy equals disbelief it seems....

At last we are outside again! Things are back to ...normal? Rrrriggghhtt.....
Edi and Geo both go their separate ways until their next adventure...

It seems Edi has some other motives to keep flying over the Barrens...

The powers of the Caverns of Time have somehow screwed up Geo's Teleporting abilities. Or did he screw it up himself again? *sigh* ..can't leave the Draenei alone for FIVE minutes....

Did Geo escape certain doom? Did Edi get her lovely tan? Time (heh) will tell....
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PostSubject: Re: The FURTHER adventures of....   Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:20 pm

haha great stuff. the captain hook one is ace.
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PostSubject: Re: The FURTHER adventures of....   Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:42 pm

Geo you're nuts but this is great keep it up king

Love the special guests hehehe
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PostSubject: Re: The FURTHER adventures of....   

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The FURTHER adventures of....
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