Fires of Heaven

Fires of Heaven is a World of warcraft guild on the alliance side of the Anachronos server. We're open to all levels and nationalities, and our goal is to be a nice community with a helpful smile towards all of our members. We aim to be a helpful guild
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PostSubject: The Guildmaster   Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:17 pm

Hey there. My time to shine, hehe.

My real name is B-J (short for Bert-Jan)
I live in the Netherlands.
I'm 23 years old.
I like rockmusic, action-comedy films and gaming ^^
(that's just a small grab off the list)

My characters on "Fires of Heaven" are:

Eagleshadow (the guildleader): He's a Night Elf hunter.
Silvos: He's a Night Elf Warrior.

My characters on "Leviathan" are:

Silvosan: He's a Blood Elf Paladin.
Calmas: He's a Troll Rogue.

For anymore information, you know where to find me..
Busting up enemy's on WOW, hehe ^^

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The Guildmaster
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