Fires of Heaven

Fires of Heaven is a World of warcraft guild on the alliance side of the Anachronos server. We're open to all levels and nationalities, and our goal is to be a nice community with a helpful smile towards all of our members. We aim to be a helpful guild
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 Eirwyn - Eluvia

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PostSubject: Eirwyn - Eluvia   Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:07 pm

Hi all!
My name is Helena, and i am a german/greek cypriot, grew up in switzerland, now living in the UK for my studies in Photography, and I am 25.

My main character is a 65 Hunter called Eluvia and you are welcome to look for her if you need help... if im not busy on her ill come to your aid =)
Otherwise my main in this guild s Eirwyn... and my alts are Ashmodei, Thistles and Silvaina for the time being.... they do tend to change my alts. i also have some on Horde and lead the Horde side guild of Fires of Heaven called Leviathan. Its not very serious... just a place for us who play here to also chat together on horde when we feel like pplaying there. The horde character who leads is Dwyn.

any other questions just ask me =)
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Eirwyn - Eluvia
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