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Fires of Heaven is a World of warcraft guild on the alliance side of the Anachronos server. We're open to all levels and nationalities, and our goal is to be a nice community with a helpful smile towards all of our members. We aim to be a helpful guild
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 Afral's Introduction

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PostSubject: Afral's Introduction   Tue Nov 13, 2007 1:59 pm

I thought i'd start out here with a bit about myself Smile
My name is Morten and i live in denmark, i'm 15 years old and currently studying the ninth and last grade, done this summer.
After that i'm not sure what i'll be doing, I like alot of stuff so a multisighted job is what i'm looking for Smile
I like music, specially rap/hiphop(Mostly Crunk/Horrorcore) and everything under that genre.
Freestyle/Keystyle, rap, beats & music.Smile
I've been playing WOW for bout 2 years now, and i've 2 level 70 characters which are both Horde.

My characters.
Other than Afral I've 2 level 70s, a warrior and a warlock.
The warlock is on Twillight's Hammer and is called Snat, and the warrior is on Vashj called Nihalak.

Now you go! Smile

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Afral's Introduction
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